Cold Brew Coffee: Best to Drink & Where to Get in Beaverton, OR?

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Are you looking for a delicious, energizing way to start your day? Then look no further than cold brew coffee! Whether you are a local professional ready to jumpstart your daily grind or a traveler looking to explore the local food scene of Beaverton, OR, this is a guaranteed easy and convenient way to get our caffeine fix! Given its unique flavor profile and smooth texture, cold brew coffee is becoming a crown favorite among coffee lovers everywhere. 

To know more about this trending beverage, read on to find out what sets it apart from the regular coffee mix and where you can get the best cold brew coffee in the area!


Cold Brew Coffee vs. Regular Coffee

If you’d take a look at coffee shop menus, you’ll probably notice that cold brew coffee has become a popular selection. However, even with its rising popularity, there are people who don’t seem to know what sets it apart from regular coffee. 

“Does putting ice over it be enough to call it cold brew?” “Wait, isn’t that the same as iced coffee?”

Well, not exactly.

So, how is cold brew coffee exactly different from regular coffee? 

The traditional coffee mix is exposed to heat to extract the coffee’s oil and caffeine, which results in a bitter taste and may be too acidic for coffee drinkers to consume. 

Meanwhile, cold coffee brew involves soaking the coffee ground in cold or room temperature water for 12-18 hours, with some even leaving it up until 24 hours. In contrast to the traditional coffee mix, no heat exposure is involved for the cold brew. The slow brewing process allows for the taste to become smoother, richer, and less acidic. So if this sounds like a more preferable treat for your taste buds, cold brew coffee is the way to go!


The benefits of drinking cold brew coffee

Cold brew coffee has become a crowd favorite not only because of its distinct flavor but also offers a lot of benefits you may not experience in the traditional mix.

One is that it is versatile. You can play with its flavor according to your preference and liking. Because of its smoother texture, the taste is generally lighter. If you want to add a stronger kick to it, you can add a shot of espresso or your favorite syrup flavor for a sweeter taste.

Another benefit that you can get from drinking cold brew coffee is that it is less acidic than the traditional hot coffee mix. It is gentle to the stomach and will prevent it from feeling upset and unsettled. 

Lastly, it is very refreshing and convenient to drink! What better way to beat the heat and fill up your energy tank than with an ice cold drink such as cold brew coffee? If you haven’t tried it yet, we invite you to do so. You never know, it might just become your new favorite caffeine fix!


Recipes for delicious cold brew coffee drinks

As we have mentioned earlier, cold brew coffee is a very versatile drink. We’re here to recommend some of the best ingredients to combine so you can maximize the best experience out of this trendy drink!

Are you looking for some energy boosters to kickstart a long day? Then we recommend adding 1 part espresso with 2 parts of cold brew coffee. Add some more ice for an extra chilly energy drink.

If you’re into a creamier taste, we recommend adding some touch of a latte to your cold brew coffee! Simply add 1 part of dairy milk (or non-dairy, if that’s what you prefer more).

Want something with a chocolatey twist? Why not try adding 1 part milk (dairy or non-dairy, depending on your preference) and 1 part chocolate syrup? You’re sure to be in for some sweet treat that will satisfy your taste buds.


Symphony Coffeehouse: The best place to get your cold brew coffee in Beaverton, OR

If you’re looking for the best place to get your cold brew coffee in Beaverton, OR, then you’re in luck because Symphony Coffeehouse is just right around the alley. Over years of serving hot and iced coffee drinks, we can attest that our cold brew is no exception. We consider only the finest beans that are roasted to perfection that are sure to suit your palate. Our commitment to customer service has been evident throughout the years and our cozy dine-in coffeeshop hopes to make you feel at ease and at home. Enjoy a sip of your cold brew coffee along with a list of our delectable pastries and meals!

If ever you find yourself in Beaverton, make sure to stop by Symphony Coffeehouse and get a first-hand tasting experience of the cold brew coffee craze!