Looking For The Best Coffee To Suit Your Needs?

looking for the best coffee

Are you the type of person who can’t start the day without having a cup (or two, or three) of coffee?

Do you constantly type “coffee shop near me” wherever you may be, especially if you go out of town? or your really just looking for the best coffee

Well, you’re our kind of person – which is why we hope to see you in our coffeehouse soon! 

Going back, even if you can’t live without coffee, you might have found yourself lately getting bored with your usual order. Black coffee is great, but it may have gotten to the point that you find your eyes wandering all over the coffee shop menu. 

Plus, you may like the taste of coffee, but sometimes, you want to taste a little more than just coffee.

In short, you just want to add a little variety to your coffee drinking habits.

Well, not to worry – that’s what this article is for! Keep reading for a guide on the different coffees to drink depending on your mood or what you like to taste at the time. 

You never know – your regular coffee may change after going through this list.


What are the different types of coffee drinks?

If you can’t stop looking for the best coffee, In no particular order, here are some:


1. Black coffee

We know we mentioned that black is the usual order for most people, but in case it’s not for you, then black coffee is definitely something you should try. It’s made from ground coffee beans and then brewed hot.

And when we mean black, we mean there’s no added sugar, milk, or any other flavor. You drink this just to taste the coffee flavor itself.

Personally, we find that it gives us a good kick in the morning, but also tastes comforting. It just gives you energy to basically wake up and go about your day.


2. Decaf coffee

Think of drinking decaf as you still drinking but with lower caffeine content. In other words, consuming decaf is best when you just want the taste of coffee but not the caffeine, or if you’re someone who suffers from acid reflux but still wants to drink coffee.


3. Espresso

A shot of espresso is stronger than a shot of normal coffee. But what makes espresso different? 

Well, the beans used to make espresso are more finely ground. Plus, when making espresso, you use a ratio of more beans than water as compared to what’s used for regular. 

As a result, you get a thicker, more flavorful, and more concentrated liquid. And as mentioned, you also get more of a kick!


4. Latte

This drink is formed by about ⅓ of espresso and ⅔ of steamed milk. It is then topped with a thin layer of foam.

However, plenty of shops also experiment with their lattes. Some use flavored syrups like vanilla, while some make nondairy versions because of oat milk. A sweet twist on the latte is the mocha latte, a latte flavored with cocoa powder, melted chocolate, and sugar. 

And of course, the most popular customization is probably the latte art!

Drink a latte for a soothing coffee combo with warm milk and one very vibrant taste.


5. Cappuccino

This is a drink that’s just like a latte, but it has a thicker frothy top. This type is usually associated with both indulgence and comfort because of the thicker top and because you can add flavorings to it, like cinnamon.

In short, it’s a great drink to order when you feel like spoiling yourself.

Quick trivia: Italians apparently reserve their cappuccino for breakfast, but if you love cappuccinos, we’re sure you can take it any time of the day.


6. Macchiato

The word means “stained” or “spotted in Italian, so a macchiato has been touched with a spot of milk. Drink this if you want something in the middle of an espresso and a cappuccino. You won’t get as much caffeine as an espresso, but you’ll still be able to taste and feel coffee.


7. Americano

Why is this drink associated with Americans? Well, apparently during World War 2, Americans felt that the coffee in Italy was too strong. They would take off some of the edge of the drink by adding hot water.

It’s still typically black , so if you still want the kick of black coffee but with little less bite, Americano is the way to go.


8. Café au Lait

This French, fancy-sounding drink is similar to a latte, but it’s just made differently. To make this, the barista will use a French press coffee instead of an espresso shot. And instead of steamed milk, they will use scalded milk. 

The ratio is 50/50 for the coffee and the milk.

In other words, order this one for a different take on a latte.


9. Cortado

Think of the cortado as the next level of the macchiato. This drink is made by balancing espresso with warm milk that is not as frothy as that of a macchiato. The milk reduces the acidity of the espresso.

Incidentally, the name of the drink comes from the Spanish word “cortar”, which means “to cut.” 

Appropriate, wouldn’t you agree?

Anyway, so drink this if you’re acidic and still want a macchiato-style drink!


10. Flat White

We would describe the flat white as a drink that contains espresso and steamed milk. Drinking this will give you the combination of the intensity of espresso and the creamy mouthfeel of milk. Watch for that velvety texture as you take a drink!

Again, this is a great option for people who love the taste of milk and coffee in one drink.


11. Red Eye

This drink is a mix of coffee and a shot of espresso. It’s perfect for people who need a caffeine boost, like people who are on red-eye flights!

An even stronger version of this is called the Black Eye. 


12. Cold Brew

Cold brew is made slowly by steeping the coffee grounds over cool or room-temperature water. The result is a smoother taste with less bitterness compared to the usual coffee. It’s also less acidic than black, but has a stronger caffeine kick!


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